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Who are we...?

The Mining Institute of Scotland has as members a very wide range of minerals professionals, including geologists, geo-technical engineers, mining engineers, electrical / mechanical engineers, petroleum and drilling engineers and extractive metallurgists - many with overlapping skills. Mining, quarrying, extraction, processing - we are all practitioners in the one subject area - that of naturally occurring materials, be it oil, coal, bulk minerals or metals.

The professional world of the engineer continues to evolve. The Engineering Technology Board (the ETB) has replaced the Engineering Council. On 26 June 2002 the merger of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy (IMM) with the Institute of Materials (IOM) was officially recognised by the Privy Council as the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining. The Mining Institute of Scotland – - will retain a strong sense of identity within this greater body.

(Who Are We and What Do We Do? was the title of the Presidential Address given by Karen Dalgleish in October 2001. Details can be viewed in the news section of this web site)

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