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Continuing Professional Development
Policy and Code of Practice


The Mining Institute of Scotland regards the professional development of individuals as a seamless progression of learning that starts from their higher education and continues throughout their careers. During the period leading to individuals’ attainment of professional status the process is described as ‘initial professional development’ [IPD] and is considered to be a critical pre-requisite for professional recognition. Thereafter the process is described as ‘continuing professional development’ [CPD] and is considered to be essential to monitoring professional competence.

For Corporate, Associate or Technician membership of the Institution and, where sought, for Chartered, Incorporated or Engineering Technician registration with the Engineering Council, individuals must demonstrate that they:

1. have successfully completed an acceptable period of ‘initial professional development’, and
2. are committed to continuing their professional development through further learning as appropriate to their careers.

More important than any definition of professional development is the realisation that to be meaningful it should be planned and structured as far as individual occupational and career circumstances will allow.


Considering that the expectation of continual learning is inherent in those of its Charter objects and purposes that seek to uphold and advance standards of competence and qualification, the Institution supports and commends Continuing Professional Development to all individuals and organisations in the minerals industry and engineering profession.

Codes of Practice

The Institute:

1. in keeping with its policy, will seek to promote CPD to the minerals industry and engineering profession
2. expects that, apart from those engaged in full-time academic studies or who have retired, all members will undertake CPD to uphold and advance their professional standards
3. will therefore provide guidance on acceptable forms of CPD and on acceptable means of recording this, supporting individuals and organisations in these aspects as far as this is appropriate and feasible
4. will actively monitor members’ CPD:

a. when they apply for election or transfer to Corporate, Associate or Technician membership of the Institute and, where sought, to the corresponding levels of Engineer registration, and,
b. via annual random surveys of up to 2 percent of members in the classes referred to in a) above
c. will review its policy and codes of practice in keeping with the comments and experiences of all involved with CPD either from time to time or as necessary.

Members should:

demonstrate commitment to monitoring professional competence through (self-managed) CPD
exercise responsibility for managing their CPD
support the learning and development of others.

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