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Miller Field Decarbonised Fuels Project


The United Kingdom and the European Union are actively looking for ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere in an attempt to reduce environmental change. This presentation provided an engineering overview of a proposal to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions to atmosphere from the Peterhead power station. The proposal involved construction of onshore facilities to separate North Sea natural gas into hydrogen and carbon, conversion of the Peterhead power station to run on hydrogen and export of the carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) to the depleted North Sea Miller oilfield. Offshore facilities would be constructed on the Miller platform to inject the carbon dioxide into the depleted oil Reservoir and process re-cycled carbon dioxide thereby extending the Field life and increasing hydrocarbon recovery. This was the first proposed project of its kind in the world.

Postscript: Subsequent to this presentation Government support for the project was not obtained and so abandonment of the Miller Field was initiated in the summer of 2007. Further decarbonised fuel projects are proposed in other Countries.

Richard Haydock, 14th March 2007

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