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2008 Presidential Address: The Energy Connection


The need for reliable energy supply of sufficient capacity is essential for the future of our economy as is the growing requirement to in part replace and expand the existing system. The Mining Institute has a long track record of achievement in the production of energy and of the environment in which it takes place. The knowledge and experience retained with its Membership supported the development of working structures and links within industry that enabled the creation and application of technologies to move coal production from a dangerous labour intensive activity in a subsistence economy, through the expansion of output that powered the industrial revolution and on into the late 20th century to an efficient and highly mechanised process. The retained knowledge base is a valuable asset and has much to add to the future development of energy from all sources and without it, it will take longer and the lessons of the past will have to be relearned. By looking at the three major forms of energy supply – coal, oil & gas, and nuclear – common themes and patterns in their stages of development can be identified and thought given to how and where we can input the Institutes’ experience into the energy sector. Future energy production will include the need to control and reduce the products produced and/or emitted while collecting and converting energy into a useable form and delivering it to the consumer, creating an increased demand for rare metals and minerals. Again in depth experience is held within the Institute to pick up this issue and will be fully supported by the ‘energy block’.

Martin Cox, President MIS, October 2008

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