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Technical presentations, 6K
An Environmental Study on the North West Shelf Gas Project of Australia , with the Benefit of Hindsight
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Prior to 1972, environmental studies commenced on what was to result in Australia 's largest resource project: The North West Shelf Gas Development Project in Western Australia .

In May 1979, the Joint Venturers represented by the operator Woodside Petroleum Ltd submitted its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Environmental Review and Management programme (ERMP) to undergo State and Commonwealth environmental assessment and approval.

The environmental work undertaken is recognised as one of the most diverse studies of its type ever to be undertaken with a combination of deep offshore marine, nearshore marine, terrestrial, socio-economic and archaeological investigation. After a decade of feasibility planning and construction, AUS$7.5 million was spent on environmental management of the North West Shelf Project.

The author looked at the project from an environmental point of view, and with the benefit of hindsight, made a comparison of what was predicted and what is now history. The presentation identified that an environmentally responsible industry can work in concert with interest groups and governments to dynamically shape the guidelines of Environmental Legislation, Regulation and Enforcement to everyone's optimal benefit.

(Eur Ing Col Roberts, CEPMLP, University of Dundee - 8 December 2004)

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