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Technical presentations, 6K
Green Aggregate, Rock Caverns, Renewable Engergy and Sustainable Development
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The presentation examined how some of Scotland's world-class renewable energy and mineral resources could be worked in an environmentally acceptable manner so that peripheral communities, hosting such development, could achieve a sustainable future. The key is a new concept - 'Green Aggregate'. Green Aggregate is aggregate produced in an environmentally acceptable manner from the creation of unlined rock caverns, hidden inside coastal mountains. The Rock Caverns are to be used as self-contained pumped storage units, linked to renewable energy generation. A Code of Practice, negotiated by the local community and other stakeholders, would regulate the development. The local community would have access to renewable energy, marine infrastructure and financial royalties, so paving the way to the development of other local natural resources. The practical steps needed to be taken to make this possible were considered and the present constraints outlined.

(Ian Wilson, Minerals and Renewable Energy Consultant - 9 Feburary 2005)

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