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Technical presentations, 6K
Offshore Geomechanics: The Foundation Improvement Project of the 'NRA'
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The presentation described how a major problem with a gas production platform off the north-west coast of Australia was overcome.

The North Rankin 'A' Platform had been positioned on the seabed in 124 metres of water to access gas fields 5,500 metres below the seabed. However, in 1983 the platform sank 60 metres into the seabed. The presentation described the steps taken to strengthen the seabed and make an effective foundation to support the weight of the platform. The project lasted six months and consisted fo drilling and injecting chemical grout. Thirty-two piles (eight per platform leg) were constructed. The cost of the restorative work was twice that of the cost of the original rig.

The author concluded by emphasising the need to always complete a geotechnical site investigation.

(Col Roberts, CEPMLP, University of Dundee - 9 March 2005)

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